Top 10 Affiliate Marketing Training Resources To Help You Grow Your Business

Finding the right affiliate marketing program or resource is paramount for your business’ success.

You may be too caught up in thinking about how much earnings you’re going to make without considering the best resources to help you do it.

Remember that the kind of affiliate marketing lessons you get can impact your performance and results. That is why you have to make things right from the start.

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you 10 of the best affiliate marketing resources.

These reputable websites offer you blog posts, curated content, video lessons, and courses.

If you are ready to do affiliate marketing the right way and reap a good harvest, read on!

1. Affilorama

Trusted by over 300,000 people worldwide, Affilorama aims to make affiliate marketers’ lives easier by providing them with only the right tools and learning materials.

Affiliorama gives you access to content that’s straightforward so you can master affiliate marketing fast.

Here are 3 of its best lessons to help you get started:

  • 4 Steps to Finding Profitable Affiliate Niches is a combination of an article and a video that reveals a step-by-step process for picking a niche that will help you earn consistently. It discusses the most important factors to consider when choosing a niche.

2. CJ Affiliate

CJ Affiliate offers affiliate marketing programs and all the resources you will need to run a profitable campaign.

This company is chosen by leading brands like The Home Depot, HSN, and TurboTax.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, CJ Affiliate features CJ Affiliate 101. This is a special section of the website that provides 10 free 2-3-minute videos with topics that include:

  • Affiliate marketing terminology
  • Getting started with affiliate marketing
  • Finding the right advertiser
  • How to monitor your commissions

3. Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been in the affiliate marketing industry for 10 years.

Regardless of the income you want to earn daily, Wealthy Affiliate helps you do that by providing comprehensive training.

When you join the company’s program, you’ll be able to gain access to the following:

  • 10 lessons on running an online business
  • Up to 1 hour long video classes
  • Discussions on how you can achieve online success
  • A one-on-one coaching where you can ask direct questions to experts and fellow members

The packages come in 2 types – Starter (for free) and Premium (paid).

Newbies usually choose the Starter package. But if you want to go full blast with affiliate marketing, the Premium package is highly recommended.

4. Amazon Associates

Launched in 1996, Amazon Associates is an affiliate marketing program that helps website owners like you earn money by promoting Amazon products.

Amazon Associates acknowledges the fact that it can be quite challenging to maintain a steady flow of high-quality traffic.

Enabling you to make the most out of your affiliate marketing campaign, it features a list of reading materials such as tips and case studies. These will help you optimize your site for your audience and search engines.

These will help you optimize your site for your audience and search engines.

Here are some of the best reading materials of Amazon Associates to train you:

5. Udemy is a leading online learning marketplace that’s trusted by over 12 million students worldwide.

For those aspiring to become successful affiliate marketers, offers an affiliate marketing training and CPA (Cost Per Action) marketing course.

With more than 9,700 students enrolled in this course, it features 69 lectures with the following topics:

  • Ways on finding income-generating products to promote
  • How to set up websites and landing pages
  • A detailed understanding of CPA marketing
  • Case studies of successful online marketers
  • Common pitfalls that affiliate marketers should avoid

6. Quicksprout University

Quicksprout University is a special section of, a website by Neil Patel, that helps you take your affiliate marketing business to the next level.

It provides a multitude of completely free videos that offer you training from calculating your ROI to link building and content marketing.

Here, I’ll be providing links to some of its best video content for your affiliate marketing training:

7. Missy Ward is a good affiliate marketing resource created by Missy Ward, founder of the Affiliate Summit Corporation.

For over 16 years, companies sought Missy Ward’s expertise in affiliate marketing to help their businesses succeed.

In her website’s Archives section, she shares tons of blog posts. Whether or not you’re new to affiliate marketing, these pieces of written content will be a good addition to your training.

  • 4 Tips for Designing Eye-Catching Blogs emphasizes the strategic use of images for your blog, proper choice of fonts (to keep your readers’ attention), and use of white space and minimal text to attract mobile users.
  • Using Video in Your Product Reviews is a post that gives you very practical tips on creating video product reviews. The good news is that you don’t need to have the best video equipment to make interesting video content.
  • 4 Tasks Business Owners Should Delegate and Automate is a post that will help you have more time for doing your most important business activities. It enumerates menial but time-consuming tasks to delegate or automate such as social media scheduling and email marketing.

8. John Chow is a popular blog that’s run by Jon Chow. Trusted by over 300,000 readers and followers, won the 2012 Affiliate Marketing Awards for Best Marketing Affiliate Blog.

Here are some of’s essential posts that make worthy additions to your affiliate marketing training:

  • The 5-Second Test for Successful Homepages is a post that offers you quick, practical tips on letting a new visitor know what your brand is about in less than 5 seconds. This is based on the reality that online users have short attention spans.

9. Sugarrae is a leading website created by Rae Hoffmann, an affiliate marketing and SEO expert. She is also the Chief Executive Officer of

If you want to gain more evidence-based industry knowledge from Rae, here are some of her blog posts. These will enhance your affiliate marketing learnings.

10. Zanox is a trusted affiliate marketing network that’s based in Europe. In 2016, It received 3 European Performance Marketing Awards.

You can gain more affiliate marketing knowledge as part of your training by looking into this website’s weekly tips and marketing insights.

Here are some of its blog posts that are worth reading:

Final Thoughts

Affiliate marketing shouldn’t be complicated for anyone determined to gain success.

With the right free and paid training resources, you will surely attain real progress to reach your financial goals.

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