Kevin Ocasio

Head Boricua in Charge!

It all started in 1998 after I retired from the Marines. Wanting to make the most out of my time, I developed this hobby of learning to design websites by teaching myself HTML.

My “AHA” moment – I sold two websites on eBay on the same day in 1999. $740 to the winning bidder and $720 to the runner up of that auction. That was the most money I had ever made in a single day in my life up to that point.

That was my calling to pursue online entrepreneurship.

Since then, I’ve built several businesses. And I realized one thing: Online marketing isn’t as glamorous as the gurus claim it to be! Believe me, I’ve gone through years of trial and error.

But there was never a moment that I wanted to throw in the towel. My driving force? Family. Next, YOU.

Hi, I’m Kevin Ocasio. I’m here to tell you that you can improve your life financially by joining me on my journey. A journey where “You and I Succeed Together.”

Through this blog, I’ll be able to share with you everything I have learned in my 19 years of making money online. Your success is as important as mine.

If this is your dream, then you’ve come to the right place.

Joy Yamut

Content Writer

I make a living from my art. Thanks to Kevin.

I’m Joy and I love books! My favorite section at the mall? The book sale. A skill that’s not writing? Playing the piano. Greatest fear? A zombie apocalypse.

I’m an introvert, which probably explains why I always crave alone time and literally suck at small talk. If I were to choose to live somewhere, I’d live in the woods – in a small modern wooden house. With my husband and dog.

One of the things that fascinate me is the topic of marketing and business. That’s why I’m here! I’m a health professional but I love writing about entrepreneurship more.

To me, the best thing that can happen in your life is to know who you really are. That’s the only way you’ll realize your true potential.

Charles Yamut

SEO Specialist

I’m Charles in Charge! I live for challenges, love solving problems, and always come up with something great from scratch.

During my free time, I play a lot of video games. Sometimes with my wife, mostly by myself.

One of my main interests is fitness and health. You can often find me at the gym or our neighborhood basketball court.

Since I became a part of Kevin’s team, I have always been thankful to live a freeing lifestyle. There’s a lot of room for personal and professional growth online.

I’m a dog person by the way, and God-fearing too. My career focus now is SEO. It’s cool and rewarding to be able to optimize stuff.


Armie Feliciano

Virtual Researcher

As a stay-at-home mom, I spend so much time with my husband and kid. They’re my team and motivation to give my best.

I look forward to traveling around the world with them, seeking new adventures and meeting new people together.

My love for my family has made me a tourist in my own town. I always find restaurants nearby to take my family out for a treat!

If not, we go on exciting road trips. To pamper myself, I visit the salon or get a massage.

I became Kevin’s virtual researcher because I wanted more out of life than working in a typical corporate setting. If you ask me what work-life balance is, it’s finding personal meaning in a career. And this career’s the best I had.

Drexel Cabeguin III

Software Developer

Being part of this team has been one of the best experiences I have had in my career path. I’ve realized how fun and rewarding it can be to work from home.

I used to work as a lifeguard and car sales agent but found my way back to programming. Now, I’m in charge of the back-end.

I’m happily married and have always believed in the saying that “A happy wife, leads to a happy life.”

Playing basketball is my hobby. I also love watching web development tutorials and learning more about SEO.