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Make Money Online From Home & FINALLY Fire Your Boss!

Making money online from home is something many people think about. Especially these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’ve been searching around the internet for work from home opportunities, search no more. I’ve searched all over the internet and came up with this list of 134 legitimate ways to earn an income online from […]

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Is This Email Subject Line Blackhat?

Take from this what you will. I’m not recommending you do what I’m about to describe, nor am I saying you shouldn’t do it, either. Okay, here we go: From time to time I get emails from someone (Not in the IM niche) with subject lines that look like this: Re: Ticket # 73652430 Then […]

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Biggest Blogging Mistake in 7 Words

If you want people to read your work, then never forget these 7 words: Your blog is not your personal journal. If you want to journal online, go for it. Just don’t expect that your journal is going to resonate with your audience. When you make the mistake of making your writing all about you, […]

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Do You Know The 7 Web Conversion Goals?

I’m sure you know the first one on this list, but sometimes we lose sight that there is more we can be doing with our visitors than just selling them products. Making a Purchase This is the most well-known and sought-after website conversion. You might be selling a product or service, but either way, your […]

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Email Sandwiches Equal Big Profits

I’m on a lot of mailing lists simply because if something is working in another niche, there’s a good chance it’s going to work in my niches as well. One of the lists I’m on is for dating advice – specifically, dating advice for people who want to date men. (I’m also on lists for […]

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Demo Video Increases Lead Acquisition by 481%

One service company raised their prices a heart-stopping 600% overnight. Everything was going okay after their launch, but they knew they needed to pick up the pace. So, they recorded a 20-minute demo video and added a “Watch 20-min Demo” button to their home page. They saw a 481% increase in qualified leads and a […]

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17 Social Media Post Ideas

Your goal is to convert social media followers into customers, but it’s easier said than done, right? The first step is to post engaging content to capture your followers’ attention. My own rules of social media posting are pretty simple: Rule #1: Never be boring. Rule #2: Post regularly and make it interesting. Rule #3: […]

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$20,000 A Month Partnering With Product Creators

This case study has an interesting twist – rather than hunting down just any affiliates to promote his membership site, ‘Bob’ targets only people who are launching their own product. Here’s how it works: Bob has a membership site in the online marketing niche. It’s a great site, and the monthly membership is less than […]

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