Why Invest In Bitcoin? Here Are 6 Reasons

Many of the wealthiest people in the world are Bitcoin investors. Wouldn’t you agree? Richard Branson and founders of PayPal and eBay.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that dates back to 2009. Since its inception, Bitcoin enticed and scared millions of people because of its rewards and risks.

Some even find it hard to think of Bitcoin as a currency. Why? Because of its limited supply, its value goes up and down easily depending on supply and demand.

But despite the gap that exists, still, we want to believe that it will last for many years to come. Thanks to the blockchain technology behind this cryptocurrency.

We’re here today not because we want to discuss the disadvantages of this coin but because we ought to explore why it’s a great investment to make.

Find out the benefits of Bitcoin investing below.

More gains than losses

It’s understandable why we say that Bitcoin has more advantages than disadvantages.

Experts worldwide even predict that the price of Bitcoin could reach 20,000 times higher than its original value.

Meaning, the $1 Bitcoin in the past will reach $20,000 tomorrow. At the time of this writing, Bitcoin is worth $10274 per coin.

Although these are just predictions, it’s a huge possibility. Just look at the rate of Bitcoin’s growth.

This lower risk is true most especially among early adopters who bought even just a single Bitcoin in the past for less than a penny!

Return on investment

Holding Bitcoins in your online wallet is like investing in a business. Your investment amount increases over time. All you need to do is purchase a couple of coins and watch the value of your coin grow over time.

In fact, your coin value can even increase at the very moment you buy it.

If you happen to be a Bitcoin enthusiast or a believer, there are several high-profit passive income opportunities and affiliate programs that capitalize on Bitcoin.

Personally, I use EZ Passive Profits and Bitcoins Wealth Club. Within these systems are plenty of opportunities to acquire more Bitcoins.

This means that your Bitcoin investment will not only increase in value, your number of coins will also multiply.

Easy to store and portable

Let’s be honest here. Carrying fiat money (regular money) is risky. If you’re bringing any amount, especially a huge one, in your wallet, that wallet can be lost or stolen.

Store money in a safe in your brick and mortar store, everything could be lost in a theft incident.

While Bitcoin is volatile, its storage is hassle-free. Since it’s digital, you need nothing else more than an online wallet or offline wallet (in the form of a USB) to store it.

Its portability makes it an attractive currency to people who want to feel safer doing away with carrying large amounts of money.

Has Several Uses

What can you do with Bitcoin? You can use it to purchase goods and services.

A lot of businesses these days accept Bitcoin aside from fiat money. In fact, there are businesses that accept only Bitcoin.

If this is your first time to earn Bitcoins, know that you’ll be able to spend it on multiple things such as gift cards, food, gift cards, and services.

You can donate Bitcoins, use it for gambling, and transfer money across government lines.

When it comes to the latter which is transferring money, you don’t need to worry about government regulations and currency exchange problems.

Online entrepreneurs and freelancers can collaborate on any project no matter where they are in the world.

Competitive advantage over other cryptocurrencies

Each and every day, you hear about a new altcoin and ICOs that try to overtake Bitcoin.

Despite its top contenders which are Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple, still, Bitcoin has the largest market capitalization.

Major exchanges, apps, and wallets, even use Bitcoin in the background.

Simple Trading Without Prior Knowledge

When you involve yourself in stock trading, you need experience and knowledge. You are to set up your trading accounts.

On the contrary, Bitcoin trading is easy to do. First, you need funds to buy Bitcoins at a low cost.

Then, you’ll be joining a trusted exchange website such as Coinbase and selling the coin at a higher price.

Final Thoughts

In summary, Bitcoin has significant benefits than fiat money and other cryptocurrencies or altcoins.

For you to maximize Bitcoin’s capabilities, it’s important that you first ask why you want to invest, to begin with.

Values rise and fall dramatically. Because of that, avoid spending huge amounts of money upfront unless you’re willing to risk.

I recommend that you sign-up for and try EZ Passive Profits and Bitcoins Wealth Club since they provide several Bitcoin earning opportunities. They don’t require a huge investment and are completely free to join.

Good luck on Bitcoin investing!

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