What Is Content Marketing And How Can It Help Your Business?

Today’s topic will be about content marketing. What is it and how can it help you promote your business online?

We will show you all the basics right here. Read this article so you can start running a content marketing campaign right away.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that helps you meet the goals of your business by doing two things:

  • Creating compelling, high-quality content.
  • Promoting that content to brand audiences.

Everything you do in content marketing is geared towards driving customers to follow a desired action, which is making a purchase.

Content marketing is also about storytelling.

Brand stories should be created not for the sole purpose of selling, but to establish genuine relationships with your audience.

If you’re into blogging, apparently, storytelling can be made possible by writing blog posts.

However, there are also other forms of content you can create such as podcasts, e-books, videos, and more.

These stories should be about helping your readers overcome a need or a problem.

Focus on delivering value, and people will learn to trust you and want to do business with you.

The importance of content marketing for your brand growth

The success of content marketing doesn’t really depend on the size or nature of your business.

Even startups can have an edge over their top competitors, given that they follow the right content marketing strategies.

1. You can do content marketing even on a shoestring budget.

Got no budget for now? No problem. One mistake that newbie business owners make is that they assume that content marketing is expensive.

Even with a minimal investment, you can launch an effective campaign if you know where to spend your money on.

Here are some strategies that top performing brands (that use content marketing) swear by:

  • Create a series of how-to or tutorial videos that help address your audience’s needs.
  • Identify content marketing tasks that consume most of your time and outsource these tasks.
  • Research the best content ideas within your niche by leveraging Buzzsumo. It’s a free resource that allows you to discover trending topics that are worth writing about.

2. Content marketing strengthens your brand identity.

As what I’ve mentioned previously, successful content marketing entails creating interesting and valuable content.

This helps you establish yourself as an authoritative resource in your industry.

3. Content marketing increases your rankings and traffic.

If there’s one thing that you should put your efforts on to get more people to visit your blog and quality websites to link to yours, that is content marketing.

The reason is that content marketing isn’t just about you, it’s also about your customers.

Techniques that boost your SEO performance and traffic include optimizing for the right keywords each time you create content, promoting your site to social media, and writing on other blogs (guest posting).

4. Content marketing is a long term strategy.

Most of the time, you don’t see immediate results. Sometimes, it will take six months before your prospects start trusting and buying from you.

Though you don’t see overnight results, its long-term value is massive. This is especially true if you focus on creating evergreen content.

How do you define great content?

Content can simply be a piece of information unless it does wonders for your readers. Does your content interest, inspire, help, or entertain them?

1. Great content is shareable.

If people find your content helpful, they will want to share it with their social media friends.

Make this possible by adding attractive and mobile-friendly social sharing buttons to your posts. A great plugin for this would be Social Warfare.

2. Great content is findable.

Have a search function on your blog such as WP Tab Widget Pro that makes it easy for readers to discover your best and most popular article without having to search through your site.

3. Great content is easily read.

Is your font size big enough for readers to comfortably read your blog posts? Does your content have the right mix of background and text color?

Great content appeals to all readers. Aside from making it visually attractive, use proper formatting.

Write in shorter sentences. Break up your text with bulleted points, subheads, and numbered lists.

4. Great content engages readers.

Start with an attention-grabbing headline that promises a benefit. Fulfill the promise you made in the body of your post.

Include stories and examples to help you explain your ideas better.

5. Great content communicates well.

A piece of content works better if it has images, videos, and other visual elements.

Keep in mind to add visuals that are relevant to the topic you’re talking about. They must be catchy at the same time.

What makes an effective content marketer?

An effective content marketer doesn’t just craft content. He has special characteristics and skills that make him effective in converting people into loyal customers.

1. He listens, understands, and feels the needs of his audience.

You are the voice of your customers. You are there to understand their pains, needs, and address them with the content that you create.

Being able to put yourself in the shoes of the people you serve and use their language are essential ingredients to a great, effective copy.

2.  He positions himself as the go-to solution for industry-specific knowledge.

As an effective content marketer, you create ideas and opinions that people seek when they need to know about something.

3. An effective content marketer thinks before he inks.

Do you collect your thoughts or find everything you need before typing the keys?

Before putting his pen to paper, an effective content marketer knows:

  • Who he is writing for
  • The ultimate goal of his content
  • How to appeal to the emotions of his readers
  • How long his blog post should be
  • The tone of voice he should be using

Wrap Up

Remember that every single day, people search on the web to look for valuable knowledge. This alone makes content marketing an important tool for anyone looking to grow a successful digital business.

Again, content marketing is all about providing value to your audience by helping them solve their problems through content that you create and promote.

Before people subscribe to your service or purchase any of your offers, you have to give them free, useful knowledge that will make their lives better.

Are you ready to do content marketing?

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