Tools To Help You Find Ideas For Great Content

A lot of times content marketers just don’t know what topic to write about for their next blog post.

I myself deal with this kind of “emptiness” and wish nothing more than to have a set of tools to help me come up with something.

Something that truly resonates with my readers.

Because often, we assume that what we think is a good topic to tackle engages our audience.

Today, I want to help you easily come up with a list of topics. You never have to worry about running out of ideas. Below are tools worth checking out.

1. UberSuggest

Aside from being a keyword research tool, you can use UberSuggest to get topic ideas for your future posts.

I trust UberSuggest to generate interesting ideas because it sources its results from Google Suggest. Suggestions on Google Suggest are based on people’s most searched terms.

Click on each term to find out the results that appear on Google for those terms. You can also look up Google trends data to know their popularity.

Keep your own list of these search terms by downloading them as a csv file.

2. Quora

While it isn’t literally an online tool, Quora is a question and answer website where you can find inspiration based on topics that most people care about.

To use Quora, simply type any search term into the search bar.

For example, if I use the term “social media marketing,” Quora shows me a list of questions people ask on the topic.

Look for questions that are unanswered. Consider this an opportunity to come up with your next blog post topics.

3. HubSpot’s Blog Ideas Generator

This blog ideas generator by Hubspot promises to give content marketers a week’s worth of topics.

Enter three topics into the fields you’re interested to write about. If you’re not satisfied with the results, just click TRY AGAIN to enter new terms.

I never thought that it’s possible to cover a certain angle of a topic (and even a compelling headline) without HubSpot.

4. Alltop

Are you in search of trending stuff to share with your audience?  Consider Alltop. It’s a news aggregator that shows you popular articles on any category possible.

This news aggregator works by collecting all the best pieces of content from top websites.

Its topic categories include Health, Tech, Culture, Work, and more. Alltop gives you the flexibility of searching for topics any way you like.

Here are ways to use Alltop:

  • Enter a search term into the search bar.
  • Go to Topics and choose topics specific to your niche.
  • View topics alphabetically.

5. Google Alerts

Discover recently published content on the web using Google Alerts. In order to keep tabs on these posts, you need to set up an alert using your chosen keywords.

These keywords should be related to your industry or niche that you want to get email notifications on.

What’s great about Google Alerts is that it gives you several options so you can get inspiration when you need them.

Your options include how often you will receive the alerts, where you want to source content, how many results you like, and where you like the alerts to be delivered.

6. Linkbait Title Generator

If you still don’t know, link bait refers to a headline that gets massive attention.

Readers cannot help but click on your article. They will read the rest of it given that you wrote it in a very compelling way.

Linkbait Title Generator is just a simple tool but the fact that it gives you great ideas in one click makes it extremely useful.

Of course, if you use this for your headlines as well, you can tweak your headlines to match your content.

7. Answer The Public

I just discovered Answer The Public this year and I regret why I never found it earlier.

This one’s not just a keyword research tool that gets you LSI keywords and helps you rank for featured snippets, it’s also a rich resource for the best content ideas.

People online are asking questions when they want to know about one thing, and this tool tells you what these frequently used queries are.

8. Fat Joe’s Blog Post Title Idea Generator

Sometimes, you know you want a title generator to give you more than a week’s worth of blog content.

Fat Joe’s title generator makes sure that you come up with compelling topics. You only need to type your keyword and click enter.

This tool is totally free to use so you don’t run out of the best ideas.

9. Google Suggest

Think you always need premium tools to know the best topics to tackle? Think again.

No blogger should ever miss Google Suggest. This is Google’s autocomplete function that predicts your search based on people’s frequently searched keywords.

Make sure that you are logged into your Google account before you use Google Suggest.

Start by entering your phrase. Notice that before you type in everything, Google already suggests what you might be searching for. Get your ideas from these suggestions.

Once you select a topic, scroll to the bottom of search results and see “Searches related to.” These will show you more topics related to the one you chose.

10. Amazon ebooks

Head over to Amazon and take a look at their bestselling ebooks.

If people are buying it, then you are confident that writing such topics on your blog guarantees that they attract readers.

You can even click on an ebook and check the table of contents. This will help you dig deeper into the specific topics to write about.

Final Thoughts

Planning topics for your blog is an essential content marketing task. And it’s only half the battle.

I know many bloggers struggle with it, that’s why these strategies here to help.

Nailing this step ensures that you capture more readers, engage them, and spark more shares and conversations in social media.

Aside from relying on the tools above, you can carry a notebook with you or note-taking app. That way, you’ll be able to jot down ideas that strike anytime.

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