Should You Appeal to Bloggers for Advertising?

At this day and age, advertising has stepped up to a whole new level.

A paid form of promotion, advertising traditionally employs different modes of communication in order to communicate with a target audience.

By sponsoring and utilizing several types of audio or visual media, businesses seek to promote their products and services through advertising in the hopes of gaining more customers and revenues.

Traditionally, we see several modes of advertising wherever we go, from visual media like print ads and billboards to audio forms like radio ads and announcements.

Audiovisual media like television ads have also been utilized because several of the frequent target customers are still watching on televisions.

However, with the rise of online consumers, businesses should also step up to a whole new level.

With the behavior of our online consumers, internet services have become an essential way of keeping a business well-advertised.

One of the internet services which could provide a well-maintained online presence could be in the form of blogging.

Some businesses have ventured into blogging in order to obtain customers and help them stand out from their potential competition.

What is Blogging?

For technology savvies, the term blogging may sound normal to you. However, the term rose to prominence only lately.

Blogging involves using a personal weblog where a person would write about whatever is on their mind.

Topics range from things regarding the blogger, daily experiences, and reviews, among others.

As mentioned earlier, blogging could be a beneficial internet service to market your brand. This specific method is called business blogging.

Business blogging is a specific type of blogging which involves employing bloggers for heavy marketing in order to advertise the business.

It entails writing particular posts directed towards your company to increase your online visibility.

For instance, if your business involves dog food, all of the posts should talk explicitly about dogs and their nutrition.

The blog posts should be centered on a subject matter related to your business.

Appealing to bloggers to write about your business will make your business more visible online. This means that your business could be found more frequently on the internet.

In this way, potential customers will be able to discover your business and potentially avail of your services and products.

Aside from the content of your blog, ensuring an eye-catching interface will also help attract more potential customers to visit your site.

This could be an effective advertising technique because a well-thought blog design would let the target audience think that you mean business on your blog.

Advantages Of Blogging As A Means Of Advertising

Asking for a blogger to write about your business has several advantages, especially in terms of marketing and advertising your business.

Here are some of the benefits which you could gain from appealing to bloggers for advertising.

1. Blogging would establish your business as an authority.

By writing persuading information in your blog posts, you can build trust within the industry. This way, you will establish your business as an authority in the eyes of your customers.

For instance, if your customers have specific questions which are boggling their mind, they could just go to your blog in order to gain answers and additional information.

By being the go-to content hub for the consumers, you could also earn the needed credibility to compete with larger companies in the industry.

Hence, your business is not only advertised well, but it also gains credibility.

2. Blogging develops the relationship between your business and your potential customers.

Blogging helps your business connect with the visitors to your site.

Creating various engaging content which is related to your business will engage potential customers to visit your website frequently.

By allowing your bloggers to write posts which you think would appeal to your target audience, you could increase the traffic to your site.

Moreover, by responding to the comments and queries of your site visitors, you could create a relationship with your audience, earn their trust, and increase your sales.

While you do not use audiovisual media, you are actually advertising your business already.

3. Blogging helps you boost Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to the manner of growing one’s online visibility in a web search engine.

By writing several relevant posts on your blog consistently, you provide search engines a new content to index.

The use of SEO in blogging is essential in advertising your business because blogging several posts will help your blog be indexed by search engines to be on the first few of pages recommended for potential customers to visit.

All you have to do is ask your bloggers to write blogs with optimized keywords to increase your visibility.

Disadvantages Of Blogging As A Means Of Advertising

While there are several advantages of appealing to bloggers for advertising, there are also disadvantages to it.

Using a blog as a means to market your own business could even have some drawbacks which could potentially damage your company.

Here are some disadvantages of using blogs in advertising.

1. Blogging could provide you less income.

This drawback usually happens when you hire an inexperienced blogger.

Experienced bloggers typically know how to increase the traffic to your blog, and that is through Search Engine Optimization.

However, if your blogger does not seem to employ keywords related to your business, you may end up losing your desired traffic.

With insufficient traffic leads, your blog will not be able to gather potential customers. This will eventually allow you to drop revenues and ultimately, your income.

Hence, it is necessary to employ search engine optimization strategies so that you can advertise your blog and business well.

2. Blogging takes a lot of action.

As an entrepreneur, you only want what is best for your business. By employing a blogger to advertise your business through blogging, you can increase your online visibility.

However, doing so requires planning of posts to write about, organizing these posts in order to come up naturally, and editing all of the articles submitted to you by your blogger.

Employing several authors will even make things more difficult since you are now dealing with a lot more people and a lot more articles to check.

Blogging involves a lot of action, and it takes time to do it.

How to Choose the Right Blogger

To help you advertise your business efficiently, you should employ the right blogger. Here are some tips to help you choose the ideal blogger for your business’ blog.

Primarily, you could employ any blogger as long as they have the set skills which you are looking for…

From little-known bloggers among the freelancers who usually maintain blogs of small businesses to internet savvies who are equipped with sufficient experience on blogging.

Technically, any freelance writer or internet savvy could keep a relevant blog for your business. They may have had skills in various niches throughout their careers.

Hence, when getting a blogger to create a blog for your business, it is worth noting that fame does not guarantee efficiency.

Some little-known bloggers may offer better performance than some of the internet stars. However, it would still depend upon your preference in the end.

Reach out to the blogger who is able to attract a wide range of readers through posts that the blogger has written.

Usually, these bloggers have a distinct and engaging style of writing because they can persuade potential customers better.

Moreover, you might consider getting a blogger who has a relevant experience in your subject matter.

For instance, if you are a beauty blog, you would not want to hire a blogger who had no experience in such field.

If you are handling a car blog, for example, employ a blogger who has ample knowledge of cars.


Since many of today’s consumers are now immersed in the internet, it is only essential for businesses to advertise themselves online.

This could be accomplished by employing bloggers to write engaging articles on a blog or a website consistently.

While there may be some drawbacks of blogging, there are undoubtedly more advantages of blogging for advertising which could increase your online visibility and eventually, foster new customers.

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