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A Suit Of Armor

In medieval times, valiant knights went forth into battle in great suits of Iron and precious metals. These suits were primarily for protection from spears, swords, and arrows of course, but also, they told the battlefield that here was a warrior, the more richly detailed the armor, often the greater the warrior. In many ways, […]

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Do These 5 Things And The World Is Yours

These are 5 things your customers want from you. These are also 5 things that your spouse wants from you… … your children want from you… … and your friends, coworkers, neighbors, and bosses want from you. And they are the 5 things that YOU want, as well. This comes from a book titled, “The […]

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Pandemic Positive Reality Check

In the midst of all the dire news, perhaps it’s time for a positive reality check: Most people still have jobs and an income. Even during the great depression, the vast majority of people were employed. An economic crash doesn’t destroy wealth, it merely transfers it. The money still there, although you might need a […]

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Kindle’s Clue on Retaining Subscribers

Amazon’s Kindle has a program called Kindle Unlimited. For $9.95 a month, you can ‘rent’ 10 Kindle books at a time. It used to be a better deal than it is now, because fewer books are available on Kindle Unlimited, but it’s still a pretty good deal if you read a lot and you don’t […]

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What’s in a Pandemic Name?

The next time you name a website or product, you might want to think about the co-founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates. Bill and Melinda Gates have spent years helping to eradicate diseases in Africa. The man knows a thing or two about pandemics and about marketing. In 2015, he gave a Ted Talk in which […]

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How To Sell 50% More With One Check Box

Well isn’t that nice of the cashier to ask that? Of course, you would like her to do that, and you might even thank her for being so thoughtful. Congrats, you’ve just discovered how to increase the size of your orders on your website. The most difficult part of marketing is getting the sale. But […]

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How To Build a Real Business Right Now

This is for everyone who has procrastinated on building an at-home business and suddenly finds they have the time and the inclination to do it… …but the thought of creating products, building funnels, and recruiting affiliates is just too much. Step 1: Pick a small, hot niche. Weight loss for women is too big. Weight […]

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