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Journaling To Become A Millionaire?

Patrick Grove has built not just one, but several million-dollar businesses, including 5 that he took public. And he attributes his success to the oddest of things… journaling. When he first started, he wrote down everything that was bothering him, like how his business wasn’t big enough, why he didn’t live in a cool city […]

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How To Get Rich Selling $9 Products

If you run a WSO and sell 2,000 copies of a $9 product, how much have you made? Odds are, you’ve made $0. Even if you have upsells, you’re still probably walking away with a few hundred dollars at best. Why didn’t you make money on the $9 product? Because you gave away all or […]

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5 Steps to Converting Blog Posts to Audio

Podcasts, audio and voice are popping up all over the internet, and it’s no wonder why… people can consume audio while driving, doing the dishes or exercising. One of the easiest ways for you to create audio content is to go back to your best blogpost and articles and convert them to audio. But how […]

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Are Benefits Hurting Your Sales?

Just a thought… What do people talk about? Do they talk about what’s right with the world? Or what’s wrong with it? Do they talk about what their government is doing well? Or what the government is doing wrong? Do they talk about how wonderful it is to be alive? Or do they talk about […]

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