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Is This Why You’re Not Making $10K/mo?

This is huge, yet few marketers even think about it until they’re months into their business and wondering why they’re not making the big money. Yet it’s pretty darn obvious to anyone else on the outside looking in at the business. Here’s what you need to ask yourself right now: “Is your business actually CAPABLE […]

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Should You Fake it ‘till You Make It?

I was on the Warrior Forum the other day, looking at a thread started by someone who needed advice. It seems they wanted to know how to make their first $1000 online. Good question, right? A lot of people want to know that, and there are plenty of marketers out there willing to give advice […]

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How To Reduce Refund Requests With One Email

No matter what you sell, how good your product is or how well you target your advertising to the right buyers, you’re going to get refund requests. However, there are ways to dramatically reduce those requests. For example, don’t make claims that aren’t backed by your product. I recently purchased a product on ClickBank that […]

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How to Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff

It took Gmail just 3 years to become the world’s most popular email service, and it did this by giving a gigabyte of storage away for free. Do you know how much Google makes as a result of Gmail? Billions of dollars per quarter. Free works. So how can you use free in your business? […]

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How to Make An Extra $196 Per Week With ONE Email

If you have a continuity program, then you’ll want to pay attention to this. No doubt you’re offering your continuity or membership program to your subscribers. But there is a certain segment of those subscribers who simply aren’t taking the bait. After repeated emails promoting your membership, they still haven’t joined. Here’s what you can […]

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Make Extra Cash on Etsy

This is a sweet little money maker that will put some extra mad money in your pocket, if you’re game. The interesting thing about Etsy is that price isn’t as important as on Ebay and Amazon. People are willing to pay more for something they really want on this site – or at least that’s […]

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