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Extra Facebook Cash

Do you have a family member who wants to make some extra cash each month without starting an online business? Tell them to check out these opportunities on Facebook: SurveyJunkie: Make $5-$25 in your spare time from home to take online surveys, participating in Focus Groups and trying new products. InboxDollars: Has so far paid […]

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Affiliate Marketing Made Simple

Section 1: How to Run a Profitable Affiliate Campaign Maybe you are new to online marketing and you are looking for a place to start. “Sell affiliate programs,” someone says to you. And you wonder, “How do I do that?” It’s not difficult. There are some steps involved of course. And between you and me, […]

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Marketing Terms You Need to Know

If you’re marketing online, it’s imperative that you master the language of marketing in order to maximize your results. That’s right – knowing the language of marketing can actually increase your income. For example, if you don’t know what A/B testing is, then you’re not doing it. And if you’re not testing, I can almost […]

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$3,000 a Month in Passive Income

Here’s a great system for earning passive income. You’re already familiar with regular affiliate programs, but did you know there are two-tier affiliate programs as well? For example, you introduce a fellow affiliate to a product on a two-tier affiliate program. They sign up to promote it from the link you give them, and then […]

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How To Turn a $7 Sale Into a $1,000 Sale

Here’s something most marketers never do, which is a shame. They’re losing a great deal of money because of it. What happens when you purchase a $7 ebook or a $19 video, and you have a question? You email the person who sold it, and one of two things occurs… either their assistant answers you […]

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Dark and Dangerous Upselling

If you’re in the right sort of niche – such as make money online, investing, selling and others – there is probably a lot of information you don’t actually share with your customers. For example, let’s say you’re creating a product on how to create and market website plugins. It could be a book, video […]

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Where The Money Is Hidden

They used to say, “The money is in the list.” And that’s still true. But perhaps the REAL money these days is hidden someplace else. Somewhere you might not be looking… Jeff Walker, in a recent video, confessed that he is a “numbers geek.” Meaning he likes to pour over the numbers in his business […]

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