Make Money Online From Home & FINALLY Fire Your Boss!
Make Money Online From Home

Make Money Online From Home & FINALLY Fire Your Boss!

Making money online from home is something many people think about. Especially these days because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you’ve been searching around the internet for work from home opportunities, search no more. I’ve searched all over the internet and came up with this list of 134 legitimate ways to earn an income online from home.

This post is a work in progress. Links and descriptions are being added for all money making methods.

Make Money Online From Home - Is It A Scam?

There are many scams in the make money from home space, but don't let that scare you off. A lot of scams will try to charge you something that should be free.

For example, you might find a site that sells you a list of resources in the "get paid to take surveys" area.

The truth is, you can make some money doing online surveys, but there are really only a handful of trustworthy survey sites that payout.

With that being said, let’s dive right into this list and find you the right gig so you can begin making money online from home.

1. Free Gift Cards For Old Receipts

I have to mention this one first because it's such an easy way to make some money. Believe it or not, there are companies who will pay you to scan your receipts into their apps. So grab your receipts and check out the sites below!

2. Have Packages Delivered To Your House

Taken straight from the eNeighbr website...

"Make money accepting packages. People in your neighborhood are looking for a place to send their deliveries. Sign up as a store or an individual. Get paid $3.50 per package."

3. Online Paid Surveys

Doing online paid surveys is a great side hustle and an easy way to make some extra cash on the side. You won't get rich from them, but many offer real cash, gift cards, and more for sharing your opinion.

The links below include paid survey sites that are proven to payout. As I mentioned above, beware of scam survey websites.

4. Testing Websites & Apps

Testing out websites and apps is really a cool, easy way to make some money on the side. You have to qualify for tests, but it's not usually too difficult to do so. I have made $310 so far from the first site on this list alone. And that was paid straight to my PayPal account.

5. Transcription

Transcription is a pretty easy, quick way to begin earning money online from home. What's great is that you can do this at anytime of the day. You can also choose the projects you want to work on.

6. Rent Your Parking Space

These websites below make is so easy for you to rent out your extra parking space or driveway. If you're not using them anyway, might as well make some money from parking and/or driveway.

7. Rent Your Car

Do you have a car that you don't use very often? Then why not make some money renting it out? These sites let you do just that.

8. Display Ads On Your Car

You can basically make a few hundred dollars per month showing advertisements on the outside of your car. For some, these earnings can be enough to cover their monthly car payment. But make sure to do your own research. There have been many companies in this space that have come and gone.

9. Rent Your Clothes Online

Do you have clothes just laying around that you don't wear anymore? Then why not make some money renting out your unused clothes? This is a much better option that simply getting rid of them.

10. Rent Your Bike, Snowsports & Other Gear

Yes, it's possible to make some extra cash renting out your favorite equipment. It doesn't get any easier than this!

11. Sell Your Junk Mail

We all hate getting junk mail, but you might not want to throw it all away. This won't make you rich, but you can earn up to $5 to get rid of your unwanted junk mail. It was going in the garbage anyway, so why not make a few bucks instead.

12. Start A Blog

Starting your own blog isn't nearly as difficult as you may think. Nor does it cost a lot to get started. Below is a short list of what you'll need to get your blog up and running as soon as today.

13. Cashback Sites

14. Watch Movie Previews

15. Download And Install Apps

16. Get Paid For Being Healthy

17. Become A Freelance Writer

18. Freelance Editing And Proofreading

19. Technical Freelancing

20. Become A Virtual Assistant

21. Tutoring

22. Focus Groups

23. Independent Field Agents

24. Change Your Search Engine

25. Amazon FBA

26. Amazon Mturk & Micro Gigs

27. Amazon Kindle

28. Amazon Print On Demand

29. Other Print On Demand

30. Amazon Low Content Books

31. Dropshipping

32. Online Travel Agent

33. Cryptocurrency

34. Affiliate Marketing

35. Adsense & Alternatives

36. Sell Lesson Plans

37. Play Online Games

38. Play Game Apps

39. Fix Search Engine Mistakes

40. Social Media Marketing Manager

41. Forum Moderator

42. Online Juror

43. Pet Sitting

44. At Home Daycare

45. Calligraphy

46. Rent Out Your Studio Space & Music Instruments

47. Sell Your Antiques

48. Flea Market, Estate Sales & Yard Sales For Flipping

49. Trade-in Or Sell Old Phones & Electronics For Cash

50. Return Printer Cartridges

51. Sell Your Pictures

52. Bed And Breakfast Or Airbnb

53. Open A Bank Account

54. Sell Your Books

55. Sell Your Gently Used Clothes

56. Create & Sell Online Courses

57. Drive For Uber, Lyft

58. Instacart, Doordash, Amazon Flex, etc.

59. Find Work As A House Sitter

60. Sell Unused Gift Cards

61. Sign Up For Taskrabbit

62. Become A Private Tutor

63. Teach English

64. Etsy

65. Ebay

66. YouTube

67. Instagram Influencer

68. Monetize Your Twitch Channel

69. Be A Mystery Shopper

70. Put Your Drone To Work

71. Consulting & Coaching

72. Create A Paid Mastermind Group

73. Event Planner

74. Podcasting

75. Website Flipping

76. Domain Flipping

77. Sell Leads

78. Sponsored Posts

79. Launch Jacking

80. Review Site

81. Webinars

82. Digital Marketing Agency

83. Become A Translator And Interpreter

84. Online American Sign Language Translation

85. Become An Audiobook Narrator

86. Launch A Virtual Bookkeeping Business

87. Question & Answer Marketplaces

88. Monetize Social Accounts

89. Software & Game Reviews

90. Remote Call Centers

91. Online Videos & TV: Sell Your Viewing Time

92. Tailoring: Sell Your Fashion Skills

93. Peer To Peer Lending

94. Real Estate Investing

95. Storage Space Leasing

96. Sell Software

97. Sell Apps

98. Find Hidden Refunds

99. Get Paid To Lose Weight

100. Get Paid To Exercise

101. Web Design

102. Logo And Banner Design

103. Paid To Click Sites

104. Create And Sell Stationary

105. Create And Sell Printables

106. Be A Customer Service Rep

107. Make Cold Calls For Companies

108. Grow And Sell Your Produce

109. Start A Mini Salon

110. Teach Music Lessons

111. Share Your Phone Number

112. Name A Business

113. Sell Your Artwork

114. Sell Coupons Online

115. Your Own PLR Site

116. Investing Apps

117. Get Paid For Unused Diabetic Strips

118. Build Sales Funnels

119. Cooking Host

120. Invest In Art

121. Refurbish Antiques

122. Business Plan Writing

123. Selling SEO Services

124. Videography

125. Sell Your Music Skills

126. Short Video Ads

127. Creating Resumes

128. Loan Signing Agent & Notary

129. Rent Yourself As A Friend

130. Shoveling Snow

131. Participate In A Medical Study

132. Vending Machines

133. Self-storage Investing

134. Take Advantage Of Free Money