Make Extra Cash on Etsy » Kevin Ocasio

Make Extra Cash on Etsy

This is a sweet little money maker that will put some extra mad money in your pocket if you’re game.

The interesting thing about Etsy is that price isn’t as important as on Ebay and Amazon.

People are willing to pay more for something they really want on this site – or at least that’s been my experience.

Whereas with Ebay and Amazon, people are much more price-conscious.

Here’s what you do:

Find a local engraver.

This could be a jeweler or a trophy shop.

You’re looking for someone who engraves things like flasks, plates, cake servers and knives (for weddings) and so forth.

Strike a deal with her and get a price list of what she charges for each item.

Odds are she already has the blank items.

If she has professional photos of each item, use those.

Otherwise, take your own photos.

Advertise the items on Etsy with personal engraving.

Remember to mark up the prices for your own profit, and charge for shipping (or raise the price to cover shipping.)

Put in your listing that items take a few days to engrave.

Take the orders and forward them to your engraver.

Stop by the engraver’s shop once a week to pick up the items and mail them to your customers.

Pocket the difference.

This is so simple and obvious, but it’s a great way to make extra money.

If you have a teenager or retired parent, you might even suggest this business to them.

Then be on the lookout for other items you can resell on Etsy.

For example, watch for local craftspeople at fairs and such, and see if you can strike a deal with them as well.

You might assume they’re already on Etsy, but oftentimes they just don’t want to bother to open their own shop.