How To Make Money With Bitcoin

Bitcoin has captured the interest of media and investors all over the world since its value skyrocketed.

Now, people are interested to know how it can help them build wealth. When we think of making money online, we think about merely saving.

But with Bitcoin, there are actually many ways to make money.

Despite its volatility and the fact that there are no guarantees, still, it remains to be a cryptocurrency with a bright future.

I’ll help you get started today. Read this article to learn the best ways to earn Bitcoins.

All these strategies are legitimate and effective in growing your financial future.

1. Buy Bitcoins now and wait.

The most sensible way for the majority of people to earn more is to purchase Bitcoins and watch their values grow over time.

Way back in July 2010, a single Bitcoin only costs $0.08. Now, it’s valued at $8,731.

In fact, an article just published by The Washington Times states that Bitcoin is now worth more than IBM, McDonald’s, or Disney.

You can buy Bitcoins on Coinbase and store your coins in their online mobile wallet. To increase the level of safety, choose an offline wallet such as TREZOR.

As soon as you have your wallet, you’ll be able to create as many Bitcoin addresses as you like when receiving payments.

2. Join a passive income stream.

There are passive income systems where you get to access multiple ways to earn more Bitcoins. I actually joined two legit systems myself:

EZ Passive Profits

Started by Reginald Stinson, EZ Passive Profits lets you earn up to 2% commissions daily.

All you need to do is invest in a minimum amount of Bitcoins and wait for your investment to grow.

Not only will you grow your money here through lending but also by being an affiliate of multiple online wallets.

Bitcoins Wealth Club 

This passive income stream is similar to EZ Passive Profits in a way that you can earn by joining lending opportunities and affiliate programs.

But what I like about Bitcoins Wealth Club is that gives you a complete education about Bitcoin. What it is, its potential, and how to use it to your advantage.

3. Start your own Bitcoin website.

Instead of joining a passive income stream created by other internet marketers out there, you can be that person who creates the system.

Read my step-by-step guide to start your website. Next, look for profitable Bitcoin affiliate programs and systems where your visitors can earn Bitcoins through lending.

Before you choose a system to promote, make sure that you learn everything about it. Read reviews and even try the Bitcoin earning platforms yourself.

4. Write about Bitcoin.

Why not monetize your literary skills?

If your dream is to make a living out of writing and you’re passionate about how to make money online topics, then offer your freelance writing services.

Here are a few websites that pay you to write about Bitcoin:

5. Bitcoin mining.

Perhaps this is the oldest way to make money with Bitcoin. Miners are to solve mathematical problems and build the Bitcoin public ledger.

These miners get rewarded with more Bitcoins as they create new blocks to be added to the public ledger.

In order to mine Bitcoins, you need a special computer system called a mining rig. If you cannot buy a mining rig now, you can simply borrow one.

Many people are wondering whether Bitcoin mining is a profitable venture. The answer is that it depends on how much you’re willing to invest in mining.

Take into account several factors such as your power consumption, mining pool fees, profitability decline per year, and conversion rate.

Use this mining calculator to help you determine how much you’ll profit from mining.

6. Bitcoin trading.

Trading Bitcoins is profitable even for newbies and beginners. You can leverage hundreds of Bitcoin exchanges that operate worldwide, round-the-clock.

The technique you’re going to follow here is arbitrage. Basically, if you see that Bitcoin’s value is going to increase, you buy Bitcoins and sell them at a higher price.

Learn to recognize patterns from price charts. Also, know which Bitcoin exchange to join.

Pay close attention to the reputation of the exchange. Find out whether the exchange has been attacked by hackers in the past. Consider exchange fees and withdrawal conditions.

7. Play games to earn Bitcoins.

If you love playing games online, you’ll be delighted to know that there are tons of free non-gambling games that give Bitcoins as rewards.

Playing games can be a fun alternative to investing in systems that require you to make an upfront investment.

Check out this list of the best games to make money with Bitcoins recommended by Steemit.

8. Sell an ebook about Bitcoin.

Impart your Bitcoin investing to the world by selling an ebook about it.

There are plenty of possible Bitcoin topics to choose from – mining, trading, investing, passive income opportunities, and more.

If you’re promoting Bitcoin earning systems and affiliate programs, you can even incorporate them into your ebook.

That way, you make money with Bitcoin in multiple ways on top of your ebook earnings.

Since many people are unfamiliar with Bitcoin, make sure to target your ebook to beginner learners.

Making Money With Bitcoins Is Risky

True, putting your faith in Bitcoin is something you really need to consider.

Bitcoin is indeed a disruptive technology as it cannot be controlled by financial institutions and is highly volatile.

Since its price steadily rose over the years, we can only imagine how much a single coin will cost tomorrow.

Before you dive in, realize that any cryptocurrency involves a risk. The only positive thing about Bitcoin when it comes to risk is that it has man investors and widely recognized.

If you’re tired of the world’s traditional financial systems, why not leverage Bitcoin as the people’s currency? 

Follow the money making strategies in this guide and you will enjoy Bitcoin’s benefits for your future.

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