How to Boost Your Instagram Engagement With These Post Ideas

Instagram. It’s a growing social platform that a lot of bloggers and small business owners now use to promote themselves and drive traffic to their websites.

Perhaps you already know that one of the biggest reasons why your target audiences love Instagram is that it’s purely visual.

No one can deny that sharing information and stories is better done through images and videos.

But when you’re new to this social network, you might be wondering what types of visual content work.

Luckily, I’ve compiled the best post ideas you can use today. These will help you get a ton of comments and likes from your Instagram followers immediately.

Let’s get started!

Post Ideas to Engage Your Instagram Followers

1 – Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

Without a doubt, photo quotes drive massive engagement – especially if the quotes are from influential persons.

Motivational and inspirational quotes drive people to take action through the emotions that they evoke.

Danielle LaPorte effectively engages her Instagram followers by pulling a quote from one of her blog posts.

She accompanies her photo quote with a caption. She explains her quote and ends by stating a call-to-action for her Instagram followers to check her full post.

When you share quotes, you need to make sure that they’re related to your niche to create more impact.

2 – Real Customer Photos

A brilliant strategy to get massive attention, likes, and shares, from your Instagram followers, is to post authentic photos by your customers who use your product.

This is the power of user-generated content. People trust brands more if they see customers promoting the brands themselves even if they are not asked to do so.

Starbucks knows that they don’t always have to be the star behind the camera.

The reason why user-generated content is so effective is this: 92% of individuals value recommendations from others, even people they don’t know.

UGC is all about authenticity and helping customers make informed decisions.

3 – Behind the Scenes

Have you considered taking your audiences behind the scenes?

Behind the scenes content helps you gain your followers’ trust because you get to show them your real, authentic character.

Of course, people would love to see what happens in the making of your product or service.

In the screen shot above, you can see Pat Flynn filming himself for a video that’s going to come out soon.

Like Pat Flynn, you can add a personal touch to your Instagram posts by showing who you really are.

Share a photo of yourself having a day at the spa. Take candid shots of your team members while they’re working at the office.

4 – Themed Photography

One way to boost your sales through Instagram is to show products that go with an occasion.

If it’s Valentine’s Day and you sell clothes, feature matching couple outfits your Instagram followers might be interested in.

Add a hashtag of the occasion to boost your post’s reach.

In the image above, you’ll see Etsy’s post for Father’s Day.

They feature one of their seller’s handmade Father’s Day cards and invites their Instagram followers to buy the card by clicking the link in their bio.

5 – Contests and Giveaways

It’s no secret that people love free stuff. Why not run a contest or giveaway? It’ll give your brand an instant viral boost.

Contests and giveaways are also a way for you to get people to create user-generated content (depending on the mechanics of your contest).

This Instagram post idea is not only a way to show customers how great your products are, it’ll also help you build strong relationships with your followers.

Make sure that your prize or incentive is related to your business. Also, think about the kind of people you’ll be targeting your message to.

Your prize will vary depending on the demographics of your target consumers.

6 – How-To Videos

What better way to hook your Instagram followers than to teach them how to solve a problem or share practical pieces of advice through short videos?

Instagram increased its 15-second video to 60 seconds. Now, you have more minutes to share your brand story and get your message across.

In the example below, you can see one of Instagram’s users sharing a time lapse makeup tutorial video.

The advantage of Instagram videos is that since they’re not too short and not too long, people are more likely to watch until the end.

To maximize the potential of your video to spark conversions, invite your Instagram followers to sign-up for your mailing list through the link in your bio.

Let them know that they’ll be able to get more free tips from you if they sign-up.

Final Word

Instagram is a great place to engage audiences who have the potential to become your loyal customers.

Wherever you are in your marketing right now, you can improve your engagement by using these different types of posts.

Don’t stick to one type of content. Use a variety to drive better results!

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