How To Blog Consistently When You Have Very Little Time

It’s not uncommon for bloggers to feel under the weather especially if they run their business blogs all by themselves.

There’s a long list of things you need to do. And because you’re too preoccupied, blogging as the most important task can seem like a chore.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Many who are like you also experience the same normal thing.

But if you aim for long-term success, you must understand that consistency in blogging is more than important.

So get your blogging mojo back today.

Ready? Follow the simple tips I prepared to help you blog consistently even if you feel that time is against you.

1. Consistent doesn’t mean frequent.

Maybe you have a full schedule that prevents you from being able to publish a post on a daily basis. No problem.

Consistent blogging doesn’t mean frequent blogging! Decide on a schedule that works best for you and stick to it.

You can definitely blog at your own convenience – Once a week or once a month. What’s most important is that you adhere to your plan.

Honestly, I never heard of a blogger losing readers because of following a certain blogging schedule. But I know that bloggers lose audience because of stale and low-quality content.

2. Make a big list of blog topics.

Planning your topic right before you write can take time especially if you’ve run out of the best ideas. Come up with a massive list and you save time and effort.

Call your list your “Blog Content Plan for the Year.” The good news is that you don’t have to sit down for hours and write down all your topics.

You lose creativity in that case.

So here’s what you need to do… Whenever an awesome idea pops out of nowhere, take note of it immediately.

Keep a small notebook or app with you that’ll help you record your ideas.

I’m fond of using the app called Wunderlist because it’s easy to use. I can create topic categories as well.

3. Invite guest bloggers.

Having guest bloggers write on your blog has many benefits for your long-term blogging success. So how can it actually help you?

The first and most obvious way is that it ensures that you get to publish content when you’re out for a vacation or in a situation where writing is impossible.

It’s also a great way to start building relationships with others in your niche. Guest bloggers can also generate blog traffic whenever they share their guest post with their audience.

Lastly, you enjoy the benefit of content variety.

A simple and convenient way to attract guest bloggers is to create a special “guest bloggers” page on your site. Next, tweet it several times. Use hashtags to boost your reach.

4. Let your readers know in advance.

This trick works, I promise. Put yourself in a position where you’ll be compelled to stick to your blogging goals.

Make an “announcement” to your readers that you’ll be blogging about a certain topic soon. “Next week, I’ll be posting about X topic so stay tuned.”

Specify a time period. I find this a great strategy to instill in yourself a sense of accountability.

You can do this in three ways…

  • Make your announcement at the end of your blog post.
  • Include your announcement within your email newsletter.
  • Share your announcement on social media.

5. Create a consistent post template.

Proficient bloggers stick to a “template.” Notice that all their blog posts follow a certain format.

The introduction, body, and conclusion on all blog posts have a similar number of sentences per paragraph, placement of images, and a certain way of conveying an idea.

For example, you can decide that all your blog posts should start with a compelling story to hook your readers. Or, you can end all your posts by asking an intriguing question.

What kind of images should you include in your posts? Whether you use screenshots or stock images, just make sure that they’re relevant to your content.

6. Hire content writers.

Bringing in a team of writers seems to be a sustainable and better option if you one day decide that you no longer have the time to write.

Find and test potential writers who make a good fit for your team. Ask applicants to provide samples of their previous work.

When you express your interest to hire a writer on an outsourcing website, communicate your requirements and expectations on the kind of writer you like.

7. Write on the go.

When you hear the word “writer” or “blogger,” what comes to your mind is someone who spends long hours in a cubicle, all by himself.

This scenario is less likely to be true and is an outdated perception of a writer. Successful bloggers nowadays are prepared to write regardless of the place and time.

You can be on a plane while you write. Hours before you attend a meeting, you could be in a coffee shop or a library.

In order to blog consistently, it’s important to prepare yourself to grab opportunities to create blog content despite a busy schedule.

8. Just get started.

Getting started is the secret to getting things done. When you start something, you feel compelled to finish that certain task before the day ends.

And even if you need to get away to attend to another task, remind yourself about that blog post you left. Then get started again.

Each time you focus on starting a task, you bring yourself closer to finishing it.

It would help to set a timer beside you so that you put all your attention on what you’re doing when you’re doing it.

Final Thoughts

Take your blog further by following the tips I just shared. I recommend that you also take advantage of tools that will help you ease the blogging process.

Again, here are the strategies to blog consistently even with very little time:

  • Decide on a schedule and stick to it. It doesn’t need to be daily.
  • Create a massive list of blog topics.
  • Invite guest bloggers.
  • Let your audience know about your next post.
  • Stick to a consistent blogging template.
  • Consider hiring content writers.
  • Blog on the go.
  • Focus on getting started to get it done.

Do you have other blogging tips to suggest? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!


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