How Does Social Media Impact Your SEO Efforts in 2017


Social networks have long evolved far beyond just the places to share what’s going on and how you’re feeling. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc., have now become popular marketing platforms.

The relationship between social media and SEO is real. And it’s worth your research to know how does social media impact your SEO effort in 2017.

Understanding this relationship definitely, helps you to sketch a proper action plan to grow your website/business online.

This understanding also equips you with the fundamentals to optimize your social media marketing campaigns.

Let’s now discover five primary ways that social media can affect SEO.

How does social media impact your SEO effort in 2017?


When you type your name in the Google’s search box, there’s a high likelihood that your Facebook/ Twitter or any social network’s account appear right on the first page.

The same logic applies to your website/business; its social media profile is likely to pop up along with the official page.

The correlation between social network and website’s ranking is positive. The more popular your social media profile is, the more likely your site is to rank high.

And with a high ranking, you can easily beat the competitors with your higher level of visibility.

The visibility refers to when the visitors notice your content, leading to easier ranking for your page.

Social engagement

As social networks are treated as other web pages for search, they have the power to boost the social engagement.

With widely-known content on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. you can expose your offers to more people online. And that’s the concept of social engagement.

The more shares, comments, and interactions you have on social media, the more chances people have to see your content.

That’s why many marketers these days are craving for the online marketing tools that can help them to improve the social engagement.

In other words, what people do on your social networks are the factors for your website’s level of exposure. These social signals act as the indirect ranking factors, affecting how well your business is known to the target customers.


When it comes to an online business, we are all aware that the top priority the traffic and its quality.

And it’s always best to have free and organic traffic coming from the social media marketing campaigns.

Especially when you have good and appealing content on your site, sharing it on social media will significantly help to drive massive loads of traffic to the landing page.

Another benefit of utilizing social media marketing strategies is that they can increase the number of organic searches. The site will then enjoy a higher authority, greater number of leads and sales.

Brand awareness

There are now millions of people using social networks, and thus there’re millions of potentials to expose your brand to.

There’s no doubt that social media has now been playing a critical role in generating brand awareness.

And whether you refer “search engine” to Google, Bing, or any other name, your SEO effort is always heavily dependent on how you are performing on the social network.

Additionally, when people find compelling content on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, etc., they are likely to link back to it. As a result, having appealing content on social media helps you to attract potential links.

Facilitate promotion

As we now know that social media can contribute to building your audience base and improve your brand awareness accordingly, these social networks can help with the promotion.

They help your offers, discounts, coupons, or any kind of marketing products reach out to more people among whom are the high-value leads and prospects.

And what seems to be the best thing about social media in promotion facilitations is that they can extend the life of your posts. You can easily recycle the content a while later with some information updated.

There are now many online marketing tools out there that can help you with this task. Make sure you consult the digital product reviews to see if a certain tool works for your business.

How to make the best use of your SEO effort?

Integrate all social media profiles

It’s best to have all your social media accounts synchronized. This means that you need to have them all active and consistently engaging with each other and with the audiences.

When they work in syndication, they can take the best use of each other to expose your content to the target customers.

Pay attention to the content

A content of quality offers you more opportunities to engage it with more people. Crafting high-quality content and diversifying the content’s format will help to increase the interaction.

Whether it is an image, note, video, gif, make sure you engage all of them on your page.

Also, consistently asking questions, raising discussion, and encouraging comments for ideals are definitely the real bits of help.

To offer your promotions, try the giveaways, contest, and quizzes, and if your deals are good enough, you’ll see the boost in social engagement.

Establish and cultivate the bonds

Social networks are like the environments where people communicate and connect with others.

Use them to build and grow the relationship, trust, and loyalty of your customers. This can be done by constant support, Q&A, and greeting.

Another way is to collaborate with the contributors, content creators, and other businesses to increase the reach and provide the diversity to the content.

Finally, by taking care of your customers online and develop partnerships to serve your customers better, you are in steps to show them that your business is striving for making them happy.

Final thoughts

Overall, depending on how you perform on your social networks, social media can either determine or undermine your SEO effort.

Remember that the correlation between them is always positive.

The more you invest into your social media marketing campaigns, the more traffic, social engagement, brand awareness, successful promotions, and ranking will come to you.

To assist your SEO effort, there are now many different online marketing tools. But make sure you check out the digital product reviews to make a wise buying decision.

Thank you for reading this article, hope it helps!

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