Here’s Why You Should Use Chatbots as a Marketing Strategy


Messaging apps are a new fad that businesses must embrace.

Of course, the human resources needed to interact with customers on demand can make messaging apps impractical for some firms.

Fortunately, technology can help.

To keep up with the demand, companies increasingly depend on chatbots.

Rather than having humans interact with customers, at least for low-level inquiries, AI agents do the job. When necessary, chatbots can escalate complicated issues to human agents.

Already, chatbots have become easy to configure and customize for use with a variety of applications.

Nowadays, chatbots are available for WhatsApp, Slack, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

Meanwhile, skyrocketing demand promises that chatbots will increase their capabilities well into the future.

You may wonder if you should include chatbots as part of your marketing strategy. The following information will help you make the right choice.

What Are Chatbots?

Computer programs called bots can automate common tasks and thereby save time and boost productivity.

When these bots are programmed to interact with people in a conversational way, they are called chatbots. Add some artificial intelligence to the mix and they act like team members.

Although chatbot technology is relatively new, it already has much potential.

All you need to do is build conditional statements that contain the questions people ask and the answers they need.

These sequences can easily provide basic information about your company, products or services.

At higher levels, chatbots need the help of a human.

However, in the future, they will have the ability to learn on their own. In other words, they will become more valuable as they gain experience.

More Information On Your Customers

Thanks to the power of automation, you can use chatbots to collect valuable information on your customers.

Such information can provide insights that can improve everything from your product line to your customer service.

For example, you can gather data on the buying habits of your customers. Also, you can record the questions and issues about which customers inquire.

In response, you can take steps to optimize your inventory and improve the quality of answers your chatbots provide.

Generally speaking, when you use chatbots, you can optimize your overarching marketing strategy and thereby strengthen your brand.

Regardless of whether you use social media or broadcast media, you will know exactly how to craft your messages.

Better Interactions

High levels of audience engagement can improve conversion and customer retention rates. For this reason, chatbots can become extremely profitable for your business.

Common signs of engagement are user actions, such as viewing a video or leaving a comment on your blog.

Chatbots are expanding on this by encouraging one-on-one dialog that precisely meets the needs of customers.

In essence, chatbots make customer interactions more memorable than they can ever be with traditional online tools.

They personalize interactions by addressing users by name and by proposing highly targeted product recommendations.

You can also use the efficiency of chatbots to boost your CRM and further streamline your marketing processes.

Chatbots can directly store records of customer interactions in searchable formats that can dramatically improve marketing campaigns as well as future human contacts.

Quality Content

You can use the information captured by chatbots to improve the efficacy of your content marketing strategy.

After all, content gets the best results when it directly addresses the issues your customers face as well as the questions they have.

In the past, an effective content strategy would require a lengthy process that includes a lot of market research.

When you use chatbots, you have a source of information that tells you in real time what your customers want.

As a result, you can increase the ROI of your content strategy by way of increased customer satisfaction.

As you publish better content, you will naturally improve the efficiency of your chatbots by filling in gaps in their knowledge.

In the end, your customers will receive the help they need more quickly and accurately than ever before.


Chatbots offer new and growing opportunities for marketing your business and brand.

When you choose to put this technology to use, you can expect to gain important audience insights while improving the way you interact with customers.

Ultimately, by embracing chatbots as a marketing strategy you can improve customer service and build strong and profitable relationships.

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