What Are the Benefits of Guest Posting for Your Business?

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It’s no secret that blogging brings tremendous advantages to your business, from attracting quality website traffic to establishing yourself as an industry expert.

But how about publishing a guest post on a blog that’s not yours? Does that benefit your brand as well?

The answer is a big YES. If you’re not making guest posting part of your strategy, you’re missing a ton of opportunities for growth.

For that reason, today’s top bloggers and internet marketers continue to leverage this powerful technique.

Benefits of Guest Posting

1. Build quality backlinks to your website.

If you’re doing link building to boost your blog’s SEO, you should know that Google does not consider all backlinks good.

What’s one method that Google loves? It’s writing a guest post and publishing it on an authoritative blog.

The more quality links from blogs that point towards your website, the higher the chances for you to show on top of search results.

2. Get in front of a bigger audience.

Do you want to get more readers? Higher blog traffic? By all means, write a guest post!

Guest posting or blogging is a huge opportunity for you to get in front of a popular blog’s wider audience.

This will be your chance to create a positive impression on a new crowd.

I find it funny that many bloggers assume that starting a blog and publishing daily content is more than enough.

New blogs don’t rank on search right away. So, if you want more readers to find you, you need to go out of your blog more often to offer valuable advice.

3. More opportunities for sharing.

Guest posting allows you to go viral. Why? Because of those social sharing buttons.

Each time you create a guest post that answers a need in your readers, that piece of content gets shared multiple times.

The higher your number of shares, the more people know you. The more you expose your business, the greater your targeted traffic.

4. Easy and cost effective.

No matter what your brand goals are, whether it’s building a loyal readership or getting quality backlinks, guest posting is a simple and affordable strategy.

There is no need to pay for advertising or hire an SEO to build links for you.

You simply have to find guest blogging opportunities, read the blog’s guidelines, and start crafting and sending personalized pitches.

5. Enhance your writing skills.

Becoming a great writer takes a lot of time, practice, and patience.

When you guest post, you are exposing yourself to writing about different topics – some easy and some challenging. This builds your versatility.

Throughout your guest posting campaign, some authoritative bloggers might reject your posts. Figure out what you need to improve on and do it.

The better you become, the greater the chances for you to land guest blogging opportunities on more popular websites like Forbes and Entrepreneur.

6. Build your email list.

So you already know that money is on the list.

One way to grow your email subscribers through submitting a guest post is to utilize your author bio.

Most guest posting sites allow you to include a link at the end of your post. Instead of simply linking to your homepage, link to a landing page with an email signup form.

Offer an enticing freebie to give your visitors more reasons to signup!

7. Grow a social media following.

Nearly all businesses find social media important because it enhances their marketing efforts in many ways.

Social media definitely allows you get more potential customers by increasing your followers.

At the bottom of your guest post, make sure to leave a link to your Twitter page. Give your new followers a chance to check out your site by sharing daily blog content.

How to Write a Successful Guest Post

Consider these 5 writing tips to create a winning guest post that gets published and receives a lot of engagement:

1. Format your post like the posts on the site.

Pay attention to how the blog posts on a guest posting site are formatted.

Do they have numbered lists or bullet points? Are there quotes? How many images are usually included for every post?

2. Write quality content.

Just because your content isn’t on your site doesn’t mean you can do away with quality. Don’t guest post solely for the goal of building backlinks.

As always, write for your target audience. Provide value in your content so it’ll be easier for your post to get approved.

3. Create a top notch headline.

A boring title makes your guest post useless. It defeats the purpose of receiving more traffic, email signups, and brand exposure.

Your headline must be benefit-based and convey a sense of urgency. Keep the length between 6-9 words so that all the words show on search results.

4. Optimize for search engines.

Even with writing guest posts, it’s good to apply SEO best practices.

These include renaming your images appropriately, using the right subheadings, writing in shorter paragraphs, and being detailed about your topic.

5. Promote it again and again.

While this isn’t really a writing tip, sharing your guest post to your networks is a brilliant method to increase your reach.

Let your email subscribers know about your guest post. Share it on blogging communities like Blokube and IndiBlogger.

Over to You

If you’re still not guest posting right now, I suggest that you immediately get started.

Can you think of tips to write more successful guest posts? 🙂

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