Get Bitcoins In 7 Proven Ways

Now that you have at least some basic knowledge of what Bitcoin is and why it matters, perhaps you’re interested to know how to acquire this digital currency.

Before we dive into the strategies, you should understand that getting Bitcoins for free nowadays is a challenge. This is all because its value drastically increased.

You can see that companies release different mining devices. However, it’s possible that you cannot mine even a single Bitcoin in a day.

But this does not mean that we have run out of opportunities to get more Bitcoins. There are a ton of them but require investment or work.

If you’re ready to learn the ways, continue reading this blog post.

How To Get Bitcoins? 7 Methods You Should Try

1. Find a Bitcoin exchange.

An online exchange is a place where you can directly buy Bitcoins. It’s important that you choose a Bitcoin exchange that meets your needs.

There is no one-size-fits-all exchange. Find out whether the exchange supports your country. Other things you need to check are the exchange’s payment methods, delivery speed, security, and user reviews.

Here are the top Bitcoin exchanges you should know:

2. Join EZ Passive Profits.

EZ Passive Profits is a passive system that gives you the opportunity to earn Bitcoins.

When you visit the website and sign-up, you’ll find that there are multiple ways to earn within the system. These income streams include USI Tech, Bitconnect, and more.

Reginald Stinson, a successful home business coach, and Bitcoin investor, founded this system.

I actually invested in EZ Passive Profits myself, most specifically USI Tech.

If you refer people to EZ Passive Profits, you’ll also earn when your referrals invest as well. There’s no need for you to build a website to refer your family and friends.

Simply share your referral link on social media, through email, or a messaging platform.

3. Buy low and sell high.

In this method, you need to pay close attention to the changes in Bitcoin’s value over time.

Watch for Bitcoin’s value to drop. If it does, then you can buy your own Bitcoins on Coinbase or an exchange of your choice.

Next, wait for Bitcoin’s value to increase. That’s the best time you’re going to sell it for fiat currency on another platform. We call this profitable strategy arbitrage. 

How much profit are you going to make? Your profit actually depends on the number of people trying out crypto arbitrage themselves.

Also, heed this important advice: Never arbitrage more than you can afford to lose!

4. Join Bitcoins Wealth Club.

The first time I heard of Bitcoins Wealth Club, I doubted its potential to help me build wealth passively online.

Nevertheless, I gave it a try and realized that it works in a similar way as Ez Passive Profits.

To make more Bitcoins, you need to buy some as an investment. Your percentage ROI can be as high as 1% per day, five days a week.

In addition to that, you also get commissions when you recruit as many people as you can. They sign up and invest, you get credited.

While there are now a lot of online systems popping up everywhere, I’ve come to trust Bitcoins Wealth Club since it’s built around established, huge cryptocurrency companies.

5. Earn Bitcoins as your regular income.

A steady way to make Bitcoins is to earn them as your regular income. What a great way to be paid for the services you provide.

Perhaps the only chance you’ll get paid in Bitcoins is when your client, boss, or the company you work for earn Bitcoins as well. Take the chance, you might just get lucky!

6. Play fun games.

If you want to have some fun while making a profit from cryptocurrency, go ahead and play free Bitcoin games.

On top of the opportunity to earn, playing these games enhances your critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

You’ll be surprised to find out that there are many games that aren’t all about luck. They require skill as well! A popular game I tried was SatoshiQuiz.

SatoshiQuiz is a question and answer game where you’re asked tricky questions in different categories. You answer based on the choices provided within 60 seconds.

To answer all questions, you can do a quick Google search. Hurry up.

7. Sign up for an affiliate program that pays in Bitcoins.

There’s a ton of Bitcoin services that want to get the word out about their business. So, they set up affiliate programs as a way of advertising.

Be part of their affiliate program. Promote these companies’ offers and you get commissions in Bitcoins. Make sure that you have your affiliate link ready.

Leverage different promotional strategies such as blogging about Bitcoins, posting on social media, or messaging your friends about the Bitcoin service and giving your link.

Find my list of recommended Bitcoin affiliate programs below:

Bitcoin Is Becoming A Mainstream Financial Asset

I wouldn’t talk about how to get Bitcoins now if it isn’t popular. People doubted Bitcoin’s potential but now more and more individuals invest.

You can clearly see that Bitcoin will stay longer. It’s been nine years since it entered the digital world and it continues to grow massively. Learn more about Bitcoins in my previous blog posts.

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