Follow These 8 Little Tweaks To Increase Your Website Conversions

When you’re trying very hard to get more people on your blog to convert, you can forget the little things.

These factors or aspects of your website effectively lead your visitors down your conversion funnel.

A few simple tweaks here and there, and you’ll be shoving your brand in the right direction. After all, plain traffic is useless unless it leads to more sign-ups or sales.

You know what I mean. 

For the purpose of getting more people to take action, here are tiny changes that make a big difference. Pay attention to these “fixes” to get better results.

8 Little Tweaks To Drive More Website Conversions

1. Website speed

The average attention span of humans these days is 8 seconds. Website speed is a game changer when it comes to boosting your conversions.

Give your visitors a smooth experience through a fast site speed that helps them accomplish their agenda in an instant. Here are simple fixes for a better site speed:

2. Call to action

Everything about your call to action can spell the difference between a conversion and a bounce.

These CTA elements include the words you use, color, and size. A change in any of these significantly results in a higher response.

Pick a button color that contrasts your background and text color.

When it comes to language, use action-oriented words. Examples are “download,” “subscribe,” and “buy now.”

Since most online searchers are on a mobile devices, check that your CTA buttons are big enough for your audience to click on. Test different sizes to see what works.

3. Form fields

Do you have a landing page that’s not really getting you any sign-ups? If that page receives traffic but zero conversions, you might want to consider looking into your form fields.

A sign-up form that asks way too much information drives people away. Forms should be placed in a way that prevents friction. Only keep form fields that are necessary.

Usually, these pertain to your prospect’s name and email address.

However, if you need more information from your visitors such as their website or company name, again, make sure to A/B test.

4. Live chat

What’s one effective way to add a human factor to your website? Live chat is an untapped potential. It can improve your online business in many ways:

  • Convenience for customers – People can get help from you when they need to. Imagine the pain of having to wait for an email response when you want a problem solved now.
  • Increase in sales – Chat agents should be able to effectively walk your customers through a sale. They do this by answering questions and suggesting better solutions or alternatives. You can outsource to or Fiverr.
  • Word of mouth marketing – Live chat lets you go beyond your customers’ expectations. The fact that you’re “there” for your customers enhances brand loyalty. They will gladly promote you to their friends.

5. Social proof

Social validation or social proof is when people act based on others’ actions. For the purpose of increasing your website conversions, add the element of social proof to your site.

Take advantage or use any or all of the following:

  • Social sharing buttonsSocial Warfare is a plugin that’ll allow people to share your content on social media. It also displays social share counts to encourage more shares.
  • Size of your customer/client base – Be proud of the people who currently use your products or services. A great way to do this is to feature your number of users. Here’s how Basecamp does it:

  • Reviews and testimonials – Potential customers value what other people say about you. This guides them into making better buying choices. Allow people to leave reviews and testimonials using WP Review Pro.
  • Blog comments – If you want more blog comments, don’t forget to tap into their emotions. You can do this by adding a storytelling element in your content. Invite people to leave their comments. Respond to the comments you get.

6. Internal linking

We’re too preoccupied with building backlinks to our sites that we forget internal linking. Linking from one page of your site to another is important.

Internal linking creates a better user experience by making your site navigable. This also creates a higher engagement since visitors stay longer on your site.

The longer people stay, the more likely they are to find what they’re looking for. Plan out your internal linking carefully.

Your internal links should lead people to pages that entice them to take action. It can be a landing page or a product page.

7. Site search

Only a people bother to add search functionality to their sites.

The reason why a search bar matters is that it’ll provide you with better insight into your customers’ pain points and interests.

You can only get the most out of site search if you track how your visitors are using it. You will see this data in your Google Analytics. Head over to Behavior > Site Search > Search Terms. 

Site search doesn’t only unveil data, it also helps customers immediately find what they’re looking for – which is, of course, the primary function of a site search.

8. Headlines

They’re basically the first thing that people read on any page of your website. Be it a blog post or a landing page.

Headlines make or break a sale. They can either entice people to read further or skip your content. Apply these tips each time you craft a headline:

  • Try to answer the questions what, why how, and when. 
  • Use numbers (especially if you’re enumerating benefits)
  • Specify the main benefit that your audience will get
  • Convey a sense of urgency
  • Include keyword with a high search volume

Nowadays, there are tons of headline analyzer or generator tools to choose from. Great tools to help you include Tweak Your Biz, Title Generator, and CoSchedule Headline Analyzer.

Final Thoughts

These are the 8 important factors that play a big role in getting you more site conversions. Always be tracking and testing these aspects on your site to entice people to follow a desired action.

Again, your visitors won’t be able to help you meet your brand goals unless you convert them. Give them more reasons to be part of your mailing list or buy from you.

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