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Double Your Affiliate Commissions With Congruence

If you’re expecting to see Niagara Falls around the next turn of the road, but instead you see the Grand Canyon, how do you react?

Most likely, you’re shocked.

This is not what you were expecting at all!

True, the Grand Canyon is magnificent, but you weren’t prepared for this, and your reservations are at a lodge at Niagara Falls.

The same thing happens online all the time, to a lesser degree.

Someone gets an email talking about how wonderful this new course is for making wood furniture.

But when they click the link, they are taken to a page that is talking about how to use woodworking tools.

True, you need to know how to use tools to make furniture, but there is now a disconnect.

The person was expecting furniture and got tools.

The list owner just goofed, and he probably lost the sale, too.

Ideally, your prospect should be primed with the right words and phrases to be open and receptive to what they discover on the next page.

This simple technique is ridiculously easy, and yet most marketers do a terrible job of maintaining that congruence in their efforts to presell.

Ironically, by focusing on congruence, it’s actually EASIER to write the sales message.

And from my own experience, maintaining a tight congruence can often result in double the sales, too.

Here’s how it works:

You find a product that you think might be a good fit for your list.

You get a copy of the product, look it over and like what you see.

You go back to the sales page and pull out keywords and phrases from the beginning of the page that will resonate with your readers, and you use these words and phrases in your promotional email.

For example, if the headline on the sales page is, “How to Double Your Website Traffic Every 30 Days,” then you work that headline (or something very close) into your email, perhaps even using it at the beginning.

Liberally sprinkle phrases and key points you pulled from the sales letter into your email while maintaining the same writing voice you usually use.

This will presell and reassure your prospect, and they will feel right at home when they get to the sales page and see the same messaging as in the email.

This might seem too simple, but it’s powerful and it works.