Buying Solo Ads? Beware of This Pitfall! » Kevin Ocasio

Buying Solo Ads? Beware of This Pitfall!

Not every solo ad seller does what I’m about to describe, but without a doubt, some do – and it can dramatically affect your bottom line.

When you submit your ad copy, complete with subject line, to the solo ad seller, you likely assume they will use your exact subject line and ad copy.

However, this is not always the case.

A solo ad vendor may change some or all of your solo ad for a variety of reasons:

  • They don’t understand it because they’re not your target market
  • They are more concerned with getting a lot of clicks than in giving you quality leads
  • They fancy themselves to be advertising gurus and know better than you
  • They don’t want you to pre-qualify people before they click
  • A dozen other reasons that make no sense.

You might want to verify and get an ironclad guarantee that the solo ad seller will use your exact copy before you submit payment.