8 Habits That Will Take Your Online Business To The Next Level

Do you know the difference between a blog that thrives and one that remains stagnant?

It’s the small things that an entrepreneur does on a daily basis. Call them habits.

Sure, you have your own share of struggles. You make deliberate and careless mistakes, learn new things, juggle work and family life.

But despite the changes that you encounter each day, committing yourself to certain practices help you rise above others in your niche.

These commitments help you develop grit and resilience to push through so that you succeed. What are these success habits?

1. Treat your blog as a real business.

All it takes is a simple shift in mindset to prevent yourself from feeling tired and experiencing burnout.

Think about your blog as your passion so that you will stay interested.

For a start, move out from your free WordPress site and get yourself a good domain name and reliable hosting. This is one way to invest money in blogging, which a real business owner must do.

As you begin your day, set goals. What are the little goals that you want to meet? Having a clear focus prevents you from blogging mindlessly.

2. Maximize your time.

What usually happens is that we hop from one task to another throughout the day. Instead of getting things done, we tend to slow down.

Batching is a strategy that can save you hours of wasted time by bringing together similar tasks and accomplishing them at once.

For example, dedicate certain hours solely to blogging, answering emails, and engaging with your social media followers.

Time batching increases your focus and decreases the time it takes to “shift gears.” You may not notice it but jumping from task to task delays your work.

Effectively use this strategy by working on your important blogging tasks first. Pick times when you’re most productive.

3. Have heroes to follow.

Twitter is an amazing platform to follow and pay attention to those who’ve attained massive success in your industry.

These entrepreneurs or gurus share motivational quotes and personal stories you can definitely learn from. I bet most of these people started out with nothing to only very little resources.

Certainly, your heroes adopt a positive mindset. Emulate their behaviors. Pay attention to their strategies and techniques and apply them in your day-t-day business.

It’s a great thing to surround yourself with the right individuals. Being a little fish in a big pond gives you a lot of room for growth. Continue pushing yourself to do your best.

The day will come when you will have a pond to dominate.

4. Learn how to delegate.

Richard Branson is one who believes in the power of delegation.

The Virgin founder quotes, “…but you can’t overcome challenges and bring new ideas to the market through the sheer force of personality alone.”

He believes that for you to be successful, you need to learn how to delegate things that you cannot do all by yourself. At the same time, it’s important that you find people who understand your business.

Source: Inc.com

A lot of entrepreneurs are hesitant when it comes to delegation. This is absolutely a normal thing knowing that it’s not that easy to let go of control.

Decide which tasks go to who. First of all, hire virtual assistants who have experience and are reliable. You can find online freelancers at Onlinejobs.ph and Freeeup.com.

5. Stretch yourself on a daily basis.

Familiar routines are comforting. So when something happens that compels us to go outside our comfort zones, we back off.

Let’s say you can write a blog post daily with an average of 1,000 words. However, changes in your business require you to increase your writing capacity.

These changes, when handled effectively, brings you closer to your financial goals.

Will you step up to the challenge? You need to if you’re seriously looking for future growth.

It is said that people who seek out new challenges develop more creativity in business.

Moreover, they become more emotionally resilient compared to those who do the same things all over again.

6. Keep distractions out.

Distractions are your biggest enemy. You might now realize it now but anything that pulls you away from your main responsibilities decreases your productivity.

Imagine yourself in the middle of a blog-post. Someone close to you called to ask for a favor. Since you’re alone at home, you’re forced to answer the phone.

By the time you get back to writing, you’ll have a hard time returning to your flow state. It takes you around 10 minutes to return to the flow state of work.

Information overload uses up your mental and emotional resources. If you must, take frequent breaks to restore your energy and focus.

Never do tasks simultaneously or multi-task. Switch off social media when you’re trying to give your complete attention to your work.

7. Take advantage of your most energetic hours.

Early riser or night owl – Who’s more successful? This is a debate that has been going on forever. Both have pros and cons which implies that both are suitable depending on what fits you.

While early birds are known to see the sun rise and finish early before everyone else does, night owls get to cherish silence. They also say that night owls tend to be very creative.

There’s no winner or loser here because every entrepreneur functions differently. If you can take advantage of your most energetic hours, that would benefit your business.

8. Focus on providing value.

Of course, one of the reasons why you started a business is to make money online. In order for you to achieve your financial goals, offer value first.

Regardless of what your products or services are, make sure that they solve your customers’ pain points. Listen to your audience’s needs. Research and create a buyer persona.


There are still more habits that help you succeed in business.

My habits here are just a few but they allow you to focus on what matters most, stretch your limits, and make most out of your time.

Do you have more habits to share? Let me know in the comments below!

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