5 Proven Ways To Gain Your Visitors’ Trust Online

In a skeptical online world, gaining the trust of your audience can take a lot of effort.

Being able to win your visitors’ trust is important because it paves the way for more web traffic, more conversions, and better ROI.

Remember that your blog is your most valuable asset because it’s where people arrive at to do business with you.

No matter how you build it, people won’t feel engaged if they think you are not credible enough.

Entrepreneur mentions that it takes less than two-tenths of a second for a person to judge your blog once they arrive on it. First impressions are important.

But the good news is that there are known, proven ways for you to become more trustworthy. I’ve listed them below and I invite you to check them out.

1. Get a quality, professional design

Does your site look bland and unprofessional? Ask someone you know to take a look at it and tell you what they think. A blog that doesn’t look good is less likely to get engagement.

Aesthetics matter.

Is your blog organized or is it cluttered? Does it have the right color combinations? Are you using the best fonts to make your content more readable?

There’s no need for you to invest a lot of money to have a great blog design. There are tons of affordable WordPress templates that guarantee a professional look and feel for your website.

I recommend that you use the theme called WordX by MyThemeShop.

WordX is a professional-looking WordPress theme that’s used by hundreds of thousands of bloggers.

You can choose from its unlimited colors and backgrounds, and advanced typography. Moreover, it’s optimized for SEO.

2. Show yourself

Reveal yourself on your About page.

People who are new to your blog are interested to know the person or team behind it that is why they take the time to check your About page.

Your visitors want to gain some information about you, what you do, and what you can offer them.

ShoutMeLoud suggests that you include these following details on your About page:

  • Your brand’s vision.
  • When your brand was founded.
  • Where your company is located.
  • How your audience can contact you (your professional email address, social details, etc.)

If you want your audience to talk with you over the phone in case they’d like to discuss your services, you can offer them your mobile number.

But wait… Isn’t that a bad idea? What about privacy?

If you haven’t heard about Sideline, it’s a free app that provides you with a second phone number.

3. Add social proof

Social proof allows your online business to be easily discovered. It boosts your influence and authority in your niche.

When new visitors see that people endorse you for free, they’ll have more reasons to trust and do business with you.

So how do you add social proof? Below are 3 effective ways:

  • Case studies – Yes, featuring case studies is an effective marketing strategy that enhances your credibility. Case studies show customer successes, real results of the service you offer, and how your ROI improved because of your methods.
  • Reviews and ratings – These make you more reputable. Search Engine Land mentions that nearly 90% of people trust online reviews. Here’s a WordPress plugin that will help you generate reviews and ratings for your blog: WP Review Pro.
  • Number of social shares – Does your blog have social sharing buttons? If not, get social sharing buttons right here. These buttons do wonders for your blog. When people see that your posts garner a large number of shares, they’ll value your expertise more and feel compelled to share your posts themselves.

4. Publish quality content regularly

Publishing blog content on a regular basis sends the message that you value your business as much as you value your readers.

If you’ve got a brand new blog, you need to work on it FAST to provide plenty of content for your audience to read.

My advice for you would be to publish according to a schedule that’s realistic for you – a schedule you can keep up with.

Make sure to stick to that schedule so you don’t disappoint your loyal readers.

Focus on quality content! Write great headlines, keep the promise you made in your headlines, provide tips and techniques, and pay attention to your grammar and spelling.

5. Provide top notch customer service

Don’t you want to gain repeat customers?

The kind of customer service you offer is what differentiates you from other online businesses. People who are satisfied with how you handle their issues would love to do business with you AGAIN.

Customers remember their experiences with your brand. Give them positive experiences and they will feel compelled to advertise your business for free.

Here are some excellent ways for you to provide the kind of service your customers deserve:

  • Create a thorough FAQ page that answers people’s common concerns with your products/services.
  • Show your brand’s contact information. State your available hours.
  • Send personalized emails by addressing your recipients with their first names.
  • Provide live chat with knowledgeable chat reps.
  • Create an online customer forum so customers can share discussions.

Final Thoughts

It’s not that easy to regain your visitors’ trust once broken. Making them like you and continue doing business with you requires work but the results are always worthwhile.

What are your techniques for building trust with your audience? I want to know them in the comments below.


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